It is hard to even picture a holiday feast without the turkey, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Although the holidays are a prime time for turkey consumption, turkey is also a popular sandwich meat and ground beef alternative all year round.

The US is the world’s largest producer of turkey meat at 2.5 million tons per year.

Nutritional Benefits


  • Four ounces of skinned turkey breast will provide 30-35 grams of protein, with less than 1 gram of total fat, making it a great low-fat, high-protein option.
  • In terms of minerals, turkey is richest in selenium and provides over 60% of the DRI in a single 4-ounce serving. Zinc, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and iron are also provided by this food in noteworthy amounts.
  • Turkey is a very good source of vitamins B3 and B6 as well as a good source of choline, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12. It also contains all the B vitamins including  B2, B5, folate and  biotin.

Best Ways to Use

  • Use ground turkey instead of ground beef in chili con carne or spaghetti recipes.
  • On a bed of romaine lettuce, serve diced turkey, cooked cubed sweet potatoes, cranberries and walnuts. Toss with a light vinaigrette for a salad that emanates the flavors of Thanksgiving.
  • Use 93% lean or higher ground turkey to make turkey burgers or turkey meat loaf.
  • Place cooked turkey pieces on a corn tortilla, sprinkle with low-fat shredded cheese and diced tomatoes and onions for an easy taco.