BV Living #44


Working Without Getting Paid

Who wants a job where they work and reap no benefits?

In everything we do, it always comes with an end result in mind… one that is most likely is in our favor.  The same sacrifice is made when you are working towards a health or fitness goal.

So if this is what you choose, how do you want to get paid?

Is it elimination of a certain health disparity, decrease in fat loss, increases in workouts, increase in movement.  We all have payment compensations that fit the amount of work we put into it.

So when you are taking a job and you want to get paid.. put in the consistency, patience, and dedication to get paid in the way that you have worked for.

BV Takeaway

Don’t work to make changes and see lack of change.  Like any job make sure you are getting what you deserve and work hard to get the benefits!  Put in the work and reap your pay!