BV Living #41

A Caged Bird With No Cage

What I hear most from people is they feel like if they eat “healthy” they can’t have certain things.  When you feel you have limitations you feel trapped., suffocated.  And the result Is you are ready to break loose!! Unfortunately, the idea of eating healthy is not always appealing.  I actually truly disagree on that analogy.  When you actually take a look at the variety of foods out there that are in your healthy bucket you don’t feel your surrounding is limited.  Once you expand your view of the variety of foods, cooking techniques, and creative combinations your cage suddenly becomes diminished.


BV Takeaway

IF you feel you will have limitations on your foods when living a healthier life know that your “cage” can be expanded greater than you perceive it to be.   Make you cage a lion’s cage….greater freedom than you know!