Healthy Egg McMuffin Copycats

Healthy Egg McMuffin Copycats

1/4 cup egg whites or egg beaters
1 High Fiber English muffin
1 slices Canadian bacon or LEAN cooked turkey sausage patties (3 grams of fat or less)
1 slices low calorie cheese (ultra-thin regular cheese or low-fat cheese; look for 45 calories or less per slice)
Black pepper, freshly ground


1. Slice the English muffin in half and put in the toaster for desired doneness. Continue on with the next steps while the muffin is toasting.

2. Pour the egg beaters or egg whites into a small round bowl (a 2-cup glass pyrex bowl works the best). Cook 1-2 minutes, in 30 second increments until the egg has taken the shape of the bowl.

3. When the egg has taken the shape of the bowl and is firm, add either the Canadian bacon or turkey sausage patty. Microwave for a minute until the meat is warm.

4. Add the slice of cheese and put back in the microwave for 15-30 seconds until the cheese is melted.

5. Assemble the sandwich by placing the contents in the bowl in between the two slices of English muffin.