BV Living #25


I wish, I wish, I wish – what are you wishing for??!!

How any times have we started a sentence off beginning with I wish?  The problem is we don’t really envision ourselves fulfilling the wish.  It’s just good enough to keep it as a dream, What’s the point???  Why torture ourselves with the feeling that will never be accomplished instead of trying to figure out how to make that dream into a reality.

We wish we can get that career…go get it!

We wish we can fit into that dress…go exercise and eat better!!

We wish we had a better relationship…go to that person and tell them!!

Undoubtedly, some wishes are more challenging to overcome than others, but it still can be done.


BV Takeaway

Wishing is a waste of time if you are never striving to make them happen.  Unless you are moving towards a reality, stop wishing for false goals!