BV Living #21

bv 21

5 seconds of pleasure, does not equal satisfaction

I tell clients all the time…when you make the choice of eating that extra piece of pie, ordering 3 scoops of ice cream instead of 1, going for the classic margarita instead of a light beer – you are taking in tons of calories to satisfy one muscle,,,The 5 seconds of pleasure from the taste it leaves on your tongue.  With that taste comes hundreds of calories that take more than 5 secs to get rid of.  What happens??
  • We never loose weight
  • We always cave in to immediate pleasure
  • We find ourselves subjected to the same patterns
BV Takeway
Take a quick second to think about how much it’s worth it to your body to continue bringing in calories that will take you directly from your REAL goal.  5 seconds is not worth it!!