BV Living #17

bv 17

“The next time I will eat better….”

“After this event, I’m going to…”
“As soon as  I get through this, It will be easier to…”
Why are we waiting for the perfect time or the right time to start eating better or even making a plan to eat better.  There will never be the best time to start.
One thing to remember: Don’t start when everything seems smooth, start when it’s the worst time because if you can make changes at the times of difficulty the rest will be seamless.  Don’t set  date, don’t think of the best season of the year to start, and don’t make an excuse to why you can’t start now
BV Takeaway
There will always be unexpected obstacles that you feel you have to “get passed” before you can make changes in your life.  It’s not about WHEN is the best time, it’s about NOW is the best time.