BV Living #14

Bv 14

Have you ever felt limited when “changing” your foods?   Not a good feeling right??

We all hate to feel limited, and when we realize the changes we have to make to lose weight or improve our health. It feels like we are trapped behind bars, because of this we are waiting to bust out and to back to…normal right?
Stop!!!…Think about what is your “Normal” ??  Is your ” normal” grabbing a bag of chips when you get that hunger feeling?  Stopping off at a fast food restaurant because you ran out of time to cook or prepare?  Making sure you have those 4-6 cookies every night to satisfy the sweet tooth?
Take a moment to see what your “Normal” is and figure out how to make a NEW NORMAL.  You won’t feel trapped or deprived.  Recognize your OLD NORMAL is really what is stopping you from really making body changes, or causing your health to depreciate.  If this is the case, being trapped behind bars are in your future sooner than you know.  It may be in the form of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, having to wear clothes you dislike, not being able to play with your kids or grandkids…those are the REAL BARS!!!
BV Takeaway
Make life changes that you don’t feel trapped in, once you change your NORMAL and your PERSPECTIVE of food choices you will see FREEDOM not LIMITATIONS!