BV Living #13


All in or All out – The Cliche Line that determines our Success or Failure

I hear it all the time “I’m either all in or all out”.  What does that really mean and why is that what we use that phrases to say I am either going to fail or I am going to pass with flying colors!  We place these extremes on ourselves only to set ourselves up for the ultimate and so familiar word FAILURE.
Making changes in life has never been either I go at it in full force or I do nothing.  Everything in life is about gradual, one day at a time progressions.  So take out the mindset that you only thrive if you go full throttle.  When a plant grows you don’t see it in the process but it blossoms into a beautiful flower…over time.  Let your changes blossom and produce the fruit you really want.  Make health conscious changes one day at a time and before you know it you’ve broken through stronger, Not at 100mph.
BV Takeaway
Remove the pressure that you have to be perfect to be successful in you food changes.  No such thing as all or none.  Start with some (instead of all) and go from there.