BV Living #8

Bv 8

“I didn’t know THIS is how I am supposed to feel!!”

A statement that I hear very often.  This is good news and very enlightening once you realize how your body feels when it is functioning at it’s best.
Think about your body as a filtration system.  If you put a lot of products that cause build up over time, you will lose the signals when your body tells you.
“I feel heavy”
“I feel sluggish”
“I feel low on energy”
90% of the time it is directly related to what you put in your body.  The moment you bring in clean foods that are not fat,sodium, and sugar infested your body will open loose and function at it’s top capacity.  The “AH HA” effects will come when you feel more energy and lighter.
BV Takeaway
Allow yourself to feel the way you are meant to feel.  Bring in the foods that are clean of being processed and packed with preservatives.