BV Living #12


“When I watch TV I like snacking on…”
“When I go to watch my team play I like to drink…”
“When I go to the movies I always purchase…”

We all have our associations and particular foods that goes along with them.  Most of the time we don’t recognize it.

A part of life are positive and negative associations, where we either enhance the experience or try to shut it out.  Guess what the remedy for both tends to be?? Food of course.
Without thinking twice about what we are actually doing, we incorporate certain favorites or go to’s.
What if we THOUGHT about it first and decided swap it for something else? Could we possibly take the association another direction?
What if we created another patterns that can eventually turn into an association that will bring better results?
It’s all VERY possible.  Try out a few of the questions above and see what can you swap.

BV Takeaway
It takes understanding your associations before deciding how to change them.  Once you understand them, you can then strategically create a more beneficial association to your health.

More of this subject in my upcoming Seminar  Saturday April 2nd at 9:30am
Free for anyone who is interested in making some changes in eating patterns and associations.

Bettervessel Nutriton Seminar – Changing  Eating Parterns & Associations
9:30am April 2, 2016
Evolve Personal Fitness
3808 S. Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO