BV Living #10










I met a lady today that told me she is going to start eating chicken and fish until she loses the weight she wants.  I asked her what about after you’ve met your weight goal??

This is the type pf approach so many of us choose to take.  Eating healthy doesn’t have a stopping point.  It is on going.  THIS is why it is so important to develop a change in your choices with the approach of gradual, but permanent change.  No time limit, no deadline, no period….it is for life.  So before you decide to make that change, you want to make a realistic one that you feel will work for you.  Think of a 5/2 approach  – 5 days clean eating 2 days off.  Keep that pattern going until you eventually will go to a 6/1 approach and graduate from there…slowly without regression.
BV Takeaway
Take the stopwatch effect away when you are changing your foods.  Make a solid choice to make one change at a time or create a system that you feel you can follow through for life!