BV Living #4

bv 4

Cost of Inflation of Unhealthy Habits

As any investment, the strategy is to make decisions that effect the future with a higher return.  This is also known as Delayed Gratification.  When our health is the investment, planning is pertinent.  Whether we are investing in the:
-Blender, crockpots, steamers, storage containers
-Fresh, antibiotic-free  meats
-Pesticide -free fruits and vegetable
-Time it takes to prepare and cook foods from home
These “investments” are priceless for our health.  Once we takeaway the convenience factor, and bring in more effort behind our choices and actions we will acquire invaluable benefits for our future health
BetterVessel Living Takeaway:
Every dollar and minute we invest in better food choices contribute 10 times over to our health. Remember to Invest in Yourself.