BV Living #3

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“I don’t feel like eating healthy sometimes” 

That is the statement made frequently when we loose the momentum.  Quick question??

Do you feel like paying your bills?

Do you feel like doing laundry?

Do you feel like getting up every morning for work?

Of course not!!  But it is a necessity for survival and quality of living so we do.

Take the SAME  approach with you foods and nutrition.  Sometimes it may not be on your top list of food choices.  When these moments come, it is time to ask yourself again –

WHAT do you really want for your body and health?

WHEN are you going to really move forward and make real changes?

HOW are you going to make this different from the last time?

Take a moment to really see where you are at and see what changes you are wiling to make??  Don’t go off of a feeling



Your mindset and what goals you want not to only accomplish but defeat will take away from the constant mantra of not “FEELING like it”