January 7, 2016


Customized Nutrition ProgramFor the Individual

The Goal

BetterVessel’s focal point is creating customize nutrition programs for individuals to get them to and past their weight loss & fitness goals.

BetterVessel does not go for diets or quick weight loss schemes; people need a sustainable plan to it can be embedded into their life…permanently.

Option 1: Customized Nutrition Consultation

How Does It Work

Initially, we sit down together to pick and figure out the main problem, whether it’s food, habit, type of food, amount, etc.  We also take into consideration their life dynamics (work, kids, exercise level, what they already like to eat, etc.).

This way we can construct the program together.  With this an accountability factor is instilled because they took a major part in building the program (I essentially navigated them in a better direction).

 What are the Targets

Nutrition filled foods, clean foods, elimination of processed foods all add to our ultimate approach. We  know that everyone is not at the same level of readiness, has completely different bodies, and workout regimens.  By this a more customized approach is needed.

  • Strategizing such as learning how to prep meals to prevent bad last minute choices, learning how to keep snacks on them (the right kind), understanding their body metabolism and making sure the right kinds of food are eaten at the right time of the day.
  • Mentally helping to equip them for times when temptation comes (because it will!) and showing them how they can be more in control of their choices rather than mindlessly eating unnecessary calories.

Follow up Nutrition Sessions

This is a journey that we take with the client.  Typically we meet every 2 or 4 weeks for follow up depending on the amount of attention the person needs to ensure they are staying on and moving towards their personal goals appropriately.

As a dietitian, it is also imperative that I educate clients on why we are making these choices and the health benefits that goes along with it.  I don’t believe in letting my clients aimlessly following only what I say and have no idea why.

Eventually the goal is to get them on track so they won’t fail due to not knowing the best choice for them.  As an end result, they will be better equipped with tools that will keep them on board with moving towards their goals.

Your Commitment to Change

The commitment to each client:  

  1. Receive constant program revisions (as your body changes, nutrition education, lifestyle counseling, and partner accountability.
  2. Monthly measurements and weight is recorded to make the necessary changes and to ensure the clients are staying committed to the program
  3. Around the clock support via phone, email. Skype, text (however needed)

Commitment Packages

Time Duration Base Price
1 month $299
3 months $575
6 months $994

Option to choose after the Commitment Package – Once we have worked together and you are at the next level of living your life with new perspective and healthier body.  This includes:

  • 1 time a month meeting that includes program revision, body measurements, further education, counseling, and accountability.  
  • And around the clock communication via email and text.

Option 2: Client Customized – RD Created

*****Starting November 1st ******        

How would it feel to be able to customize your own program??

1-      Create Flexibility

2-      Create Accountability

3-      Create an Understanding of how to include foods you desire and still make changes you want

How It Works

Simply fill out the Nutrition Self Customized form and BetterVessel will create a 6 weeks program that will get you started in the right direction.  And it is all based off where you are at and what you want to accomplish.

This unique approach is perfect for people who are ready to put out a small investment for a large outcome.

Give yourself 6 weeks to see how successful and easy this can be.

Nutrition Kickstart – 6 week program (Less than $11/week)

– Customized by the client (via assessment form)

– Created by the RD (remotely)

Time Duration Base Price
6 weeks $75
6 weeks $125 (includes 1 time follow up session with RD (in person with program revision)

Everyone is Different – So is your Nutrition!