January 7, 2016

Gym Owners

Nutrition: For Training Studios & Fitness Centers

In the Fitness & Exercise industry, there are multiple approaches to incorporating a comprehensive nutrition component to accelerate your client’s and members success to meeting their goals.

I have worked in this industry as a personal trainer for several years and realize how many people are misguided with quick fad diets, weight loss challenges, and depriving themselves to lose fat. It is very disheartening when people are lead the unhealthy way.

As a result, I decided to obtain my license as a dietitian specifically to create a well knowledgeable and professional service to the active population.  My service exposes food as a functional component that can be embedded into the individuals’ life dynamics.  I work to create the shift of food as fuel for improved workouts and modify food choices when it’s needed to build and change the body.

The goal is to team up with solid exercise facility to provide a service with an accredited profession who knows exactly what each client needs.  BetterVessel fills this void to be a valuable asset to your facility.


  • Providing clients & members with a complete approach to health.
  • Revealing to the value for them by ensuring they are in the hands of a licensed professional in the expertise of nutrition.
  • Introducing a key element that will have clients in the right mindset when it comes to nutrition.

Ultimately, I want your members to get solid nutritional guidance they need and deserve.

Services offered:

  • Customized Nutrition Program that fits the dynamic of each gym, training studio etc.
  • Established set of Nutritional Guidelines that are tiered for members according to their fitness goals
  • Nutrition Seminars/Workshop structured to best fit the need of the members
  • Customized Nutrition Programming for individuals desiring more attention

**Any adjustments and additions can be made to fit the dynamics of the facility financial and culture standings

BetterVessel provides the much needed piece to fitness, Solid Nutrition!